Hercules is the name of a legend, was an ancient Greek gods according to the Hercules son and national hero. The legend tells that Hercules, known in Greece, Hercules, the son of Zeus and had already had a baby about sinister forces.

In 1995 in America for the first time a television series produced and broadcast. This series is about the Hercules with his friends in the Middle Ages against all sorts of monsters, monsters, demigods and gods must fight to protect Greece. The main opponents to defeat it is for his step-mother of Hercules, the jealous and angry with Hercules, and will do anything to create it from the off. Later in the series Hercules meets Ares the war god and half-brother of Hercules, this will increasingly become the main enemy of Hercules, Ares and Hercules always meet.

At the beginning of Ares, this represented only by computer animations later he is portrayed by an actor.
The producers of the television series have ever taken the step to combine two legends, so take some time on Hercules, Xena, Warrior Princess. Xena runs through the forests and lands of Greece, robbed and murdered. Hercules manages to remember them and bring them to his side. The friendship developed at some point a love relationship that is not, however, the duration, because at some point, the two parted ways and Xena gets her own television series.

Before 1995, the series went on the air five films were sent ahead to test whether the subject matter of the public. The film was shot the series in New Zealand and the USA just as later the Xena series. The series was produced from 1995 to 1999. Aired they are still not accessible but will always follow the series aired. Hercules was produced with the original language and English first and the only way broadcast. About 11 months after the original broadcast in America was Hercules translated into German and broadcast in Germany.

The television series is indeed associated with the fantasy and action genre but the producers have always tried to get in to play comedy. So are the costumes that the actors who absolutely do not play the time in which the action adjusted. The costumes are always compared with clothes from the SM medium.

It was further on a few details from the legend of Hercules is avoided as in the legend of Hercules and he is not actually the one who would like to clarify everything peacefully but rather solves his problems with force, that is the opposite of the Hercules in the series. It was played by Kevin Sorbo of Hercules at that time, Ares was played by Kevin Smith and Lucy Lawess played Xena. It shot a total of 111 episodes. The duration of an episode is 45 minutes.