The series Xena - Warrior Princess has been the first showing very popular with the fans in Europe, USA, Canada and even Australia. No wonder no one that set it even now, after the production work on the series, many fan sites and Xena fans there. These are also on the Internet found a medium to specifically share with each other on various Xena fan sites. Here you can find some of the Xena fan sites with a brief description of what you get on that page to Xena material or information.

New Xenaland

New Xenaland is a fan site that deals with the film series Xena. Here you’ll find extensive footage of the filming locations, links, news and Xena MP3 files.


A comprehensive website and fansite about Xena. You can find anything. From interviews, FAQ, articles and episodes. is a detailed page about the „warrior princess“ Xena.

Xena virtual Season is a fan site for „Virtual Season 7“ from Xena, Warrior Princess. The Virtual Season 7 closes at the end of the series and is a continuation of fans, for fans of his.

Xena Fanclub

On the side you can find information to DXF, offers for members and those who want to be there as well as general and current information about the series and the Xena fandom.