Frequently Asked Questions

1. If the series Xena: Warrior Princess at all produced or somehow continue?

  • No, in 2001, ceased production for the Xena television series after six seasons, 134 episodes and more than 6 years of shooting.

2. If the series were really Xena from the TV series Hercules and it is true that these two were a couple times?

  • Yes and No, Xena: Warrior Princess Hercules really has its origin in the series, but Lucy Lawless and Hercules actor Kevin Sorbo were never a couple, but Xena Xena married in 1998 the director Robert G. Tapert with whom she also became the father of two sons.

3. Xena and Gabrielle lived your sexuality so apparently in the series Xena: Warrior Princess in full, it is true that both have acted out lesbian / bisexual experiences with each other?

  • It can not prove exactly what is exactly on the set between Gabrielle and the warrior princess Xena everything went or not, at least the rumor mill bubbling properly during this hot topic, but it remains to say that Lucy Lawless two children and has married.

4. Is it true that the Ares Actor Kevin Smith on shooting for the series was killed?

  • In a way, Unfortunately, yes, 2002 Kevin Smith was shooting at (not Xena, the series was produced in 2002 not more) in China a fatal accident.

5. Are the people in the Middle Ages really happened in these outfits move?

  • The tight sexy outfits for the Xena series should increase rather than the audience a realistic relationship to the Middle Ages to have. The costumes were then criticized in the press and often criticized, yet the TV series won a large following of its own.

6. Was it Xena in the Middle Ages really exist or is only a fictional character invented for our entertainment?

  • The Warrior Princess Xena is a fictional character invented by the directors.

7. How do I get autographs of Lucy Lawless from Xena and the other players and you can write her an email or a letter?

  • In the U.S., an official Xena fan club of all emails, letters and autograph requests to forward it to the performer.
  • The Official Xena Fan Club
    411 N. Central Ave. # 300
    Glendale, California 91 203

8. Where can I get the Xena DVD’s or can I just watch the original episodes (episodes and seasons) anywhere on the Internet?

  • Look for the menu item episodes, there are all the episodes available from Xena and videos you can also find a lot of video material for Xena series.

9. Who knows what Xeniten or Xenites are or what the term means?

  • Be referred to the fans of the Xena series very much, derived from the name Xena, of course, so you’d have to include rare species of Xeniten when you gonna wind up here on the website.

10. Where exactly are the locations for the series Xena: Warrior Princess?

  • Much of the television series Xena was produced in New Zealand, there were also locations in the U.S. and Mexico.