Zar Wars Online Game

Khan Wars is a strategy game that you can play online – you do not need to download or install. A simple sign up for the free online game enough and you can start right away. There will be no further costs or obligations for you – just play your part in the fun online and have the ever-growing community are our priority.

As a medieval browser game up the game moved off into the dark era of 500 AD to 1500 AD. In this strategy game you can choose between 11 different peoples of the select period, each of which has unique units and special abilities. More than 25 battle and siege units you want it available to the cities and lands to devastate your opponents and to join your empire. Or you choose the path of diplomacy and forge powerful alliances or go one behind her schemes with other players?

As a strategy game you can KhanWars being open all paths, for Thou art the Lord of your kingdom and meeting your own decisions is how you choose what and where it is built. Here you can choose from 16 different buildings. Common strategy for Browser Games, these buildings just for you then generate raw materials such as wood, iron, etc., with which you can then build buildings and upgrade other and of course dig your army. Unusually for this type of browser games, however, is the hero. So each player has a hero figure who symbolizes it.

With this hero you can increase as your army, but he can also take on other tasks. Your hero is becoming more powerful over time, because you can choose from 16 different skills that exist to learn. Not many other strategy games browsers offer this fun, strategy and role-play with one another and with sophisticated real-time strategy game mechanics, and many other elements promises even long term fun.

Browser games and online games are becoming more popular, and not only young audience. So you can at war czar to an ever-growing resort community that you might have questions about units, tactics and around the game to the side. But just in this game are rarely raised questions, because the game and fighting browser game medieval principle of this is kept relatively simple. In the beginning is true, as in each of the strategy-based online games, building up their own raw material production in the foreground, but you are the game, the tasks and your foes to the very end and so this is free online game lasting fun and exciting change guaranteed .

The game offers a complete medieval world to explore and conquer it applies. Countless cities on it waiting to be conquered by you, during your kingdom and your power grow steadily. Do you have what it takes to the new ruler of the Middle Ages to be and write the history? Sign in and experience it.