Runes of Magic Roleplay Browsergame

Runes of Magic is a fantasy role-play MMORPG category, which you can play for free online. Since it is the role-play a client online game, in addition to the registration of downloading a game software, the so-called clients, are needed. This can be found on the homepage of the client games, and on some partner sites.

Runes of Magic put you in the world of Taborea, a world to be discovered more and more, the sense that with each major release of online games to new areas and dungeons.

Your first step in the online role-playing is the selection and creation of your character. Currently, there are two races in Taborea, can choose between which you, the people and the elves. As for the look of your hero, so you can determine the sex, the face, hairstyle, hair color and body stature. The most important decision to make is that you, of course, but the class that you want to play. The classes of other well-known fantasy role-playing are quite similar. There is more to the body force of the classes of the Warrior and the Knight, the magic of the mage and priest classes and to attacks from ambush specialist classes, the Rogue and Scout’s. Added two classes, which are reserved to the people of the elves come, namely that of the Druids and the keeper.

Unique to the Game Client is that you need not only be determined on a class. Have you reached level 10 so you can go to the class masters in Varanas travel in silver source and determine your secondary class. This gives you additional attributes and new skills. It also offers you the chance to learn combined capabilities that are unique for each class combination.

Fighting is in the online role-playing primarily against monsters, but what would be a good MMORPG with no PVP combat? Are you logged on to a PVP server, you can always attack other players, but be careful, so you’ll quickly become fair game for all Taborea until you have served your sentence. Do you want just a „friendship campaign“, so you can challenge other players also „legal“ to a duel.

Have you among the many people who play with you online, find like-minded people, so you can start a guild and invite them, or even join a guild.

However, once you’re tired of fighting, go after it from time to time one of the many „normal“ jobs offered by the Game Client. Your finished product you can, as well as other items that either sell to an NPC vendor or auction house to offer to other players. Or you direct trade with them.

Or you recover in your own four walls that you want thanks to the housing system of the client games available.

How many online games, we also funded this online game client including the sale of premium items. These are paid in diamonds, a currency that you need to buy for real money. But do not worry, these objects are really just „luxury“, such as Halloween costumes and furnishings for your home. The role play can also play, for free, without having to take so serious repercussion.