Native Kingdoms Middle Ages Game

Native Kingdoms is the new action-packed online game made by Celsius, which you can play for free online. The strategy role-playing game takes you on an adventurous, suspenseful journey into the past, specifically in the world of the Aztecs in the 14th America to 16 Century.

After a short, free and easy application on the manufacturer’s site or one of the various partner sites you can play the online game online and dive into the now long vanished empire of the Aztecs, with their unique construction, incomparable and unique rituals of life. After just a few clicks you can start already, so that you form in this online role-playing no risk and no obligation. At the beginning of the multiplayer browser game, registered with the currently more than 385.800 players, and in which there shall not want you never to enemies, you can create your own characters, with your creativity and your imagination knows no limits. Would, for example, craftsmen, traders, warriors, high priests, or even a powerful ruler that can not keep up. The fate of your character in this intriguing strategy role-playing is entirely in your hands!

To progress through the game to rise further, you have to bring only a little skill and a clever strategy. Drifting action, grow your crops and speculating on the market. With a little luck you can rise in the hierarchy continues to be voted by your fellow players in this browser game to manage your small province, or even bring it up to the ruler of the kingdom. In order to prove yourself in combat, you can recruit from your fearless warrior clan, who move together with you in the battle. Prove your bravery and strength, so that you emerge victorious from the fighting and you can make large parts of the country subject.

The Native Kingdoms world of browser games is very large and diverse, so that long-term game fun is guaranteed. You can through the virtual worlds of town travel to town to explore the UK and explore new areas. With each new level that you reach in the online game, new missions, new missions and features will be unlocked. Boring it certainly is in this way before!

To earn money to buy food and to meet the multiplayer browser game successfully, you have to accept typical for the genre of role-playing different jobs. Moreover, you can beg for example, serve in the secret temples, craft activities or take out, make themselves into military service. As a mercenary, you have to help fend off the attacks of the enemy Europeans and defend your kingdom against them.

The graphics of the game is convincing. The unknown and fascinating atmosphere of this strange world has been captured by the developers with much care, experience and attention to detail and the figures are so vivid that you almost think, if you were even part of the world of the Aztecs. Granted, the competition in the field of role-playing is great, but the online game Native Kingdoms is without question a highlight of the genre.

Here we go: Play the online role-playing Native Kingdoms and prove what is in you. Join the community of enthusiastic players from all over the world and become the ruler of the Aztecs!