Glory Kings Fantasy Browsergame

For fans of online games which deal with the development of characters and their abilities to play a MMORPG has extensive fantasy role-playing game with online released.

The browser game hit Glory Kings play in an alternative medieval world in which, due to strife among the ruling gods, dragons have begun to tear up rule for himself to spread fear and terror among the population.
The dragons ever since by the country and will address the spread of fear, and the target of countless adventurers who hope that by the dragon guarded by each Alcara stones fame and prestige.

At Kings Glory You take the role of such a fortune, which is passed in this world full of danger and mystery. Constantly in search of gold crowns, diamonds, stones and Alcara the best placement on the so-called glory of the heroes series of browser games.

In this game the browser is set up like most famous role-playing. Unlike many MMORPG browser game is on but no download required. So you can now play online.

Before you start your adventure in this fantasy, however, can deny browser game, you have to decide for a particular character and log in with a valid email address when Fantasy Browser Game. Once registered you can begin to make your avatar.

First you decide on a breed. Choose from thieves, noble men, elves, healers, witches, orcs, knights, death knights, Norsemen, dervishes and Djinnys. (If you are a player, do not worry. The characters are always played in both male and female in execution.)

Each of these characters has its own special ability. Like the general character values such as strength, skill, stamina and understanding, you can leave these at any time in the character’s menu. The special abilities are expandable and learn.
The more distant is the special ability of the character trait of your avatar, however, the more expensive it will expand it.

Thus, for example, an elf elf her breath on very cheap upgrade. However, in order to increase their Wutausbruchfähigkeiten further, you have to invest quite a lot of gold.

Furthermore, you can give your profile now includes a small description of your character and add a picture.

If you start making your profile and your avatar are ready you can start your adventure.

Anyone who has dealt somewhat with the topic Role-playing can start right here.

As a newcomer when it comes to online games should give you the following paragraph for a moment of attention.

It is important that you do first you take care about to fill your gold account. This is possible in this fantasy role-playing game in different ways. You can either adventure, the so-ventures exist, to perform tasks such as washing dishes or mercenaries, fight enemies, or measure up in battle with other heroes of the game.

Best to start small. Great risks and fights promising in terms of high profits, but you should remember that your avatar has only limited abilities at the beginning and you will be more difficult in case of defeat at the beginning your start in the game.

If you heed this bit of advice, you’ll be able to exist within a short period of time more exciting and profitable adventure and expand your skills bit by bit, until you become one of the most celebrated heroes of the glory.