Stage director

The following directors resulted in the television series Xena Director: Garth Maxwell, Robert G. Tapert, Mario Di Leo, Jace Alexander, John T. Kretchmer, Mark Beesley, Josh Becker, Rick Jacobson, TJ Scott, Chris Manheim

However, Robert G. Tapert, the director, who led for most Xena episodes directed.

To Rober G. Tapert: When filming the TV series Hercules and Xena met Robert G. Tapert, the New Zealand actress Lucy Lawless (born Lucille Frances Ryan) know the first time. Later, more precisely on 28 March 1998, the two married and now have two sons.

Robert G. Tapert has studied at Michigan State University, where he shared for years with the current actor and screenwriter Ivan Raimi a room. It was not long before he also got his brothers Sam Raimi (Director) and Ted Raimi know (and actor). It evolved from this relationship a number of successful film projects, such as the Evil Dead trilogy. Later, Robert Tapert has operated with Sam Raimi, the production company Ghost House Productions, which produced such films as „The Grudge“ or „The Boogeyman“.

Next also co-produced the hit TV series „Hercules“ and „Xena“ in which Ted Raimi and Bruce Campbell participated as an actor. Robert G. Tapert in both series was always seen in small cameos, mostly he left it, however, lead the governing.