Outlaw of the heroine Xena

Xena is a fictional character from Robert Robert Tapert’s Franchise Xena. The series was produced from 1995 to 2001. It produced six seasons of 22 episodes each, except for the first season, which lasts for 24 episodes. The figure has its cost but not in their own series. For the first time Xena was in „Hercules: The Legendary Journeys“ and that in order to see in the episode, battle Iolaus. In this episode, she plays a Oulaw, who leads an army of looters.

An important key episode, the building later in the series, the episode „A female fighting machine.“ Xena and her marauding horde move on from village to village. Kill yourself but not indiscriminately, in contrast to their army lieutenant, Darphus who kills without her knowledge, women and children. In a place she has surprised with her gang, they Darphus prevent the killing of a child. This later leads to a confrontation with Darphus, who now openly rebelled against Xena. He forced the gauntlet. You must be running through an alley of warriors who choose to live on it and reach the other end. She survives and becomes the first Warrior, this is a success.

This does not change the rift between her and Darphus, who took over command of the gang. She flees into a cave, is located in the rescued from her child. Xena sees her only chance to regain the respect of their men and the command to entreisen Darphus is to kill Hercules. Hercules, meanwhile, pulls through the villages that were attacked by Xena and her army Darphus. On their way they take on Xena, Hercules is to fight. Hercules defeated Xena and attempts to convince them that Darphus is their common enemy. Xena escapes. Hercules moves on to the village Parthos to warn the people against an attack by Darphus and his gang. He manages to reach the village before Darphus and evacuate the residents. Xena unexpectedly comes to Parthos. With their help, the gang sold to. She is also the one who Darphus kills in a duel.

Xena is finally seen in its own series again. She tries her actions as leader of a band make up for by utilizing their skills to help to other people. In the first episode, she saves a group of village girls from a gang of looters. In this girl is Gabrielle, Xena asks to accompany them on their travels. It is in the course of the series with a partner and close confidante Xena. Xena has appeared in many other media. There are comic books and published an animated movie with Xena as the title character.