Xena is a spin-off series Hercules, which was also broadcast as XENA in Germany on RTL. In the last episodes of season one of the legendary hero Hercules met Xena. He was the warrior who had dedicated exclusively to the power and killing, brought back to the right path and showed her how meaningful it is to fight on the side of good.

Both heroes are the perfect addition – and as a season of Hercules appeared in some episodes of Xena, Xena supported while in return the hero of ancient times in some episodes. RTL radiated XENA HERCULES series and the mother in a twin, so that the sense which has been maintained between the two series always. RTL was „Xena“ for the first time on 27 see October 1996.

XENA is no ordinary fantasy action series. Unique creatures, gods and fantastic battles serve only the support of a sophisticated dramatic plots, is second to none and

Role model for many fantasy series, was, however, never reached the quality of the Xena and Hercules. Humanity, friendship and personal relationships within the two main actresses are always in the foreground. The excellent special effects and imaginatively staged XENA episodes left in the U.S. immediately after its launch in September 1995 to No. 2 in the so-called „syndicated action series“ shoot. In the spring of 1997, she climbed the first time at number 1 – before Hercules and the science-fiction series STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE ..

XENA was hit producer Sam Raimi („Spider-Man,“ „Darkman“) and Rob Tapert („American Gothic“) conceived. The spectacular special effects were directed by Kevin O’Neill („Dracula,“ „Cliffhanger“). All episodes were filmed in Auckland, New Zealand.

In the 22 episodes of the sixth and final season of the American cult fantasy series there it Xena and her friend Gabrielle

(Renee O’Connor) from ancient Greece to ancient Rome and the Orient. The adventurous journey ends in Japan, where there is an incredible finale. Among the world’s XENA fans the last season is considered the most imaginative: In a stunning blend of action, fantasy and myth of the Nibelungen saga is even quoted as saying.

The sixth season also shows the last appearance of Kevin Smith in the role of Ares. Kevin Smith died on 15 February 2002 to the severe head injuries he had sustained in a crash during the filming of the movie „Warriors of Virtue.“ A native New Zealander and father of three was only 38 years old.