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Season 4

Starring: Lucy Lawless – Xena, Renee O’Connor – Gabrielle
Producer: Bernadette Joyce, Chloe Smith, Chris Manheim
Executive Producer: R.J. Stewart, Sam Raimi, Robert Tapert
Camera: John Cavill (73-75, 78, 80, 82-84, 87-90); Donald Duncan (69-71, 76, 77, 79, 82, 85, 86), Allen Guilford (81)
Editor: Robert Field (69-72, 79, 82, 84, 87, 89, 90), Jim Prior (73-78, 80, 81, 83, 85, 86, 88)
Music: Joseph Lo Duca

Season 5

Actors: Lucy Lawless – Xena; Renee O’Connor – Gabrielle
Producer: Bernadette Joyce; Chris Manheim; Chloe Smith
Executive Producer: Sam Raimi; R.J. Stewart; Robert Tapert
Camera: Warick Waka Attewell (112); Rick Allender (110, 111); John Cavill (91, 92, 96, 97, 100); Donald Duncan (93-95, 99, 102, 105); Allen Guilford (98, 101)
Editor: Robert Field (93-95, 99, 101, 105, 110, 112); Jim Prior (91, 92, 96-98, 100, 102, 111)
Music: Joseph Lo Duca (91-102, 105, 110-112)

Season 6

Actors: Lucy Lawless – Xena; Renee O’Connor – Gabrielle
Producer: Michael McDonald; Chloe Smith (113-122)
Executive Producer: R.J. Stewart; Sam Raimi; Rob Tapert (113-122)
Camera: Warrick Waka Attewell (116, 117, 119, 121, 122); Simon Riera (113-115, 118, 120)
Editor: Tim Batt (113-115, 118); Rob Field (116, 117, 119, 120, 122), Steve Polivka (121); Jody Fedele (121)
Music: Joseph LoDuca (113-122)


Having had attacked an army to their home village of Amphipolis and it killed her younger brother, Xena began her personal campaign of revenge on which it was itself a cruel warrior. They drew even with a marauding army through the country.


Xena is a spin-off series Hercules, which was also broadcast as XENA in Germany on RTL. In the last episodes of season one of the legendary hero Hercules met Xena. He was the warrior who had dedicated exclusively to the power and killing, brought back to the right path and showed her how meaningful it is to fight on the side of good.


Outlaw of the heroine Xena

Xena is a fictional character from Robert Robert Tapert’s Franchise Xena. The series was produced from 1995 to 2001. It produced six seasons of 22 episodes each, except for the first season, which lasts for 24 episodes. The figure has its cost but not in their own series. For the first time Xena was in „Hercules: The Legendary Journeys“ and that in order to see in the episode, battle Iolaus. In this episode, she plays a Oulaw, who leads an army of looters.