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Regnum online Browsergame

An online MMORPG that has no equal.

The online games sector is currently experiencing a boom unspeakable. Regnum Online is a MMORPG as well, but the similarities here to listen first.

Shogun Kingdoms Browser Onlinegame

Shogun Kingdoms is a realistic and varied fantasy medieval browser game, which is set in medieval Japan, and you can play online. Participation is free. Strategy role-playing in particular because of their many options so popular, even with Shogun Kingdom, there are many ways to get to your destination, there are hardly any restrictions or limitations in role-play browser games, the life of your character is entirely in your hands.

Knight Fight Middle Age Onlinegame

Kinghts Fight is the action-packed medieval browser game of the Red Moon Studios, which you can play for free online and that takes you into the world of knights, castles and the fight man against man. The Knights were loyal subjects of the King, who went on his behalf for justice, glory and honor in battle. Some of them were killed but on the loyalty and became robber barons, the royal oath betrayed her, and only struggled to fill their own treasuries. In the new Knight Fight game Kinghts you can by your actions and your decisions choose for yourself which side you wish to be on. Your fate is in your hands!

Runes of Magic Roleplay Browsergame

Runes of Magic is a fantasy role-play MMORPG category, which you can play for free online. Since it is the role-play a client online game, in addition to the registration of downloading a game software, the so-called clients, are needed. This can be found on the homepage of the client games, and on some partner sites.

Rappelz MMORPG Browsergame

The free MMORPG Rappelz is a classic game client, that is, which can be downloaded after a free registration for the client to play the fantasy role-playing.

After signing the player two servers are available: Bastet and Horus. The specifications of the servers are identical, so it has drawbacks, for any player, what server he is also.

Grepolis Online Game

A year ago InnoGames opened for lovers of browser games, the gates to ancient Greece. Essentially Grepolis offers much that is of different design strategy games already known, but the topic accordingly be presented differently. It begins on an island with a small Greek town, called a polis. The aim is, first, the local island to do a subject they intend to conquer other islands in the next step. It can forged alliances, raids and temples planned for the support of the local gods are built.