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Shogun Kingdoms Browser Onlinegame

Shogun Kingdoms is a realistic and varied fantasy medieval browser game, which is set in medieval Japan, and you can play online. Participation is free. Strategy role-playing in particular because of their many options so popular, even with Shogun Kingdom, there are many ways to get to your destination, there are hardly any restrictions or limitations in role-play browser games, the life of your character is entirely in your hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. If the series Xena: Warrior Princess at all produced or somehow continue?

  • No, in 2001, ceased production for the Xena television series after six seasons, 134 episodes and more than 6 years of shooting.

2. If the series were really Xena from the TV series Hercules and it is true that these two were a couple times?

  • Yes and No, Xena: Warrior Princess Hercules really has its origin in the series, but Lucy Lawless and Hercules actor Kevin Sorbo were never a couple, but Xena Xena married in 1998 the director Robert G. Tapert with whom she also became the father of two sons.


Hercules is the name of a legend, was an ancient Greek gods according to the Hercules son and national hero. The legend tells that Hercules, known in Greece, Hercules, the son of Zeus and had already had a baby about sinister forces.

In 1995 in America for the first time a television series produced and broadcast. This series is about the Hercules with his friends in the Middle Ages against all sorts of monsters, monsters, demigods and gods must fight to protect Greece. The main opponents to defeat it is for his step-mother of Hercules, the jealous and angry with Hercules, and will do anything to create it from the off. Later in the series Hercules meets Ares the war god and half-brother of Hercules, this will increasingly become the main enemy of Hercules, Ares and Hercules always meet.

Xena Bloopers season 6

The sixth Season was not always without error. In one way or another scene, one wonders also what makes it as Xena? However, all these fun slip-up times or not?

Slip Season 5

Even with a „warrior princess“ Xena as not everything goes smoothly, as this funny video from the 5th Xena Season shows. But with such outbreaks, take her this is not really bad.

Slip Season 1 Part 2

Another funny video about Xena from the first season – Part 2 Again, there are several scenes that were broadcast as never before. Too bad.