Regnum online Browsergame

An online MMORPG that has no equal.

The online games sector is currently experiencing a boom unspeakable. Regnum Online is a MMORPG as well, but the similarities here to listen first.

An interesting class system, imposing martial ways and other interesting features to give you want more.

At the beginning it is important to spend the first few minutes of exciting medieval browser game Regnum with creating his avatar, with each class once here now and later shown a second time its subtleties.

You can select the default roles warrior, archer or magician, which need not be discussed further.
From level ten of the players can re-build his character and a sub-class, either offensively or defensively, select.
By the three basic properties, of course, offers a variety of ways to play.

The warrior is a knight or barbarian, the magician becomes a sorcerer or conjurer and the archer either hunter or shooter.

Here it is important to note the fireball is not the only hurt and attack the mage the most effective damage dealer, here it is the barbarian. Furthermore, there is only one healer class and that is the Summoner, this is already obvious to you, online play requires a decision, what character you will later hold in a group.

Each mage, archer or warrior can develop offensively or defensively, and whether you want to be the tank in the instance or the sneaky shooter from the darkness, up to you.

When you can play online with Regnum with numerous foreign players together and explore the world, just remember, every decision has its consequences.

In the battle of the Three Kingdoms Alsius, Ignis and Syrtis against each other increases the player into a persistent world in which it can engage in the struggle with when he joins in the conquests and struggles of the world.

It goes into a long-forgotten world, Regnum is a medieval browser game that is not with clumsy monsters and killing them comes up, but with exactly the thought worlds that makes a deep background and a gripping story, the multiplayer role-playing game for the experience.

Short while the computer is guaranteed the best here is not only a super graphics and exciting gameplay, but the running around monsters can be divided into groups.

Of gray, green to yellow, they are for you to own farms and leveling ideal, but browser games are based on group structure and interaction, it run a variety of monster, with other classifications that are sometimes only with a group and sometimes even with a strong and well group are equipped to defeat hard.

You’ve never played an online game? then Regnum online is highly recommended, but also know players who role play, found improvements for which it is worthwhile here to go up a account.

An updated 3D engine, a design based on group and team play role playing games to make way more than just a browser game.

Of course, appear well-known modes of action, quests lead you through the world, the battles in the forests of the world you hope to imba sword and at the same time is an eye always focused on the bar for the experience points, which are browser games of the new generation, which up bind to the processing unit.

Given the many online games Regnum impresses as a multiplayer roleplaying game that really shows you what you can achieve in a group.