Rappelz MMORPG Browsergame

The free MMORPG Rappelz is a classic game client, that is, which can be downloaded after a free registration for the client to play the fantasy role-playing.

After signing the player two servers are available: Bastet and Horus. The specifications of the servers are identical, so it has drawbacks, for any player, what server he is also.

The character creation is easy for experienced players of role-players by the hand, the three races that are the dark Asura, the nature-related Gaia and the bright Deva, with short texts, explains the capabilities of the different classes are very similar, so even beginners right choice.

Then there is the player of the client free games, choose a hairstyle like a skin and hair color.

After character creation, players found in the extensive game world again, the graphics is a cost-free MMORPG, like Rappelz, very good, even if they can not deny their Asian origin.

Like other role-playing Rappelz has a tidy and easy-to-learn interface, WASD control of spoiled players have to get used to the first but, in Asian Online Games usual point-and-click control.

During the journey through the beginner island, the player using the usual standard quest for a fantasy role-playing is introduced almost perfectly with the game mechanics.

The addiction takes perfect spiral, while playing the client games, the player from an abundance of quests select those that promise him the best reward or interest him most.

Role playing all offer the opportunity to choose a class, that’s not even in this specimen different. The player first selects between Warrior, Mage and Tierbeschwörer, later he can customize this election again.

When the client can Monsterschneitzelei Game both solo and group players to satisfy completely, in the dungeons of the game world waiting for additional special monster for which there is of course the mighty rewards.

Another motivation of the client online game are the pets that are either purchased from an Tierbeschwörer that can tame almost any creature, or domesticated by the player himself.

The PvP system of online games is impressive in its scope truly, it offers the possibility of out of town to fight free, arenas and weekly battles for control of the dungeons.

The vulnerability is clearly the most support. Free client games often have the problem that they have to fight with lag or a very young community. Furthermore, in order to play online Windows XP or Windows Seven necessary under Vista starts the game so far.

Casual player can thus even without the issuance of a tired Euros have fun in the long run however, it is necessary, in the item shop to spend money on more powerful equipment.

Thus, the client online game is a good alternative to fee-based competition, even if the online play some compromise.