Medieval browser games to play online for free on the web. All online browsergames and play Xena in the era of myths and legends. There are many free games like fantasy games, strategy games, action MMORPG's, and simulation games to play all of the Middle Ages. The browser game can be played after a short registration free of charge within a few seconds.

Fragoria Browser Onlinegame

If it is Fragoria play is a role-play to the game to, no installation or purchase is necessary. The game will be played directly through the respective web browser and runs completely on the game server. Compared to other fantasy role playing games like World of Warcraft, for example, costs of this MMORPG no monthly fees and can be played in full and without limit.

Dragon War Online Browsergame

Dragons is a browser game, fantasy role-playing category, which you can play for free online. This is in addition to registering to download a game software, the so-called clients, are needed. This is offered on various websites for free download.

Dragon War places you in the world of Feo, which has been damaged from the endless war between the two ruling races of people and Magmar. Your first step into the role-play browser game, therefore, is connected to opt for one of these two parties.