Gronenland Wiking Onlinegame

On the Internet there are now many online browser games that deal with the issue of the Middle Ages or Vikings. But Grone country has some special features that set it apart from other online games.Im Internet gibt es mittlerweile viele Online Browsergames, die sich mit dem Thema Mittelalter oder Wikingern beschäftigen. Aber Gronenland hat einige Besonderheiten, die es von anderen Onlinegames unterscheidet.

Grone Land is a browser game that you can play alone or with others online. Although this was not required to register, but everything is free and done in a few seconds. After you have retrieved the confirmation email, you can log in using your username and password.

Grone country is a Viking Browser Game, one of the medieval games. Midgard, the world, who created the gods, is in ruins. The gods have moved back and wait for a hero is that ends the war and the competing nations back together. Can you be the strongest and the Viking hero, the Midgard built? The strategy role-playing game has no end, you can play as long as you want, reach higher levels and provide you better.

First you choose you from its own character. Here you can decide whether you want to earn gold through work, and only by certain skills you can carry special weapons, or gold you acquire by fulfilling various jobs.
Equipped with enough gold, you make up for the ride. There you will have different quests and fighting contest. The higher your level is, the more experience points and gold you get in this middle age online game.

The strategy role-playing game in which you decide what strategy you choose, how you make your character skills and gain much experience as you want. Weapons and equipment you can not, as is common with other online browser games, now just like that, but need to be enabled. Special attacks have to be learned from this Viking Game Browser only. Later, it is also possible to take, magical artifacts.

In the villages you are available arenas in which you play against others online and can fight. Plus, you’ll find here the dealer tavern, waiting in the orders for you, and the depot, where you can store unlimited gold.

In addition to the villages there are in this middle age online game areas throughout the world, are in the unlocked gradually more villages, the guild, the Hall of Fame and the message window.

Players of online games can align themselves with clans together to fight together against the enemies. It is important that you not only want to defeat enemy alone, because with other you often better opportunities. Guilds can create anyone with 1000 gold pieces themselves.

The game is visually impressive, and each player can find no legal problems. Orders or weapons pedigrees are presented clearly and without much Geschnörkel.

Medieval games such as the imagined experience is for everyone aged six years and has regular updates and many new features its own unique charm.