Gondal Role Play Browsergame

In the fantasy role-playing history to Gondal, a new chapter is being written, success depends above all on the fighters of World Gondal. This knight game is strength and will power of every knight and his students decisive. Here, the success of each fighter by the King will not be rewarded generously. Each player support in this middle age online game the king with many challenges and heroic adventures in building a new empire.

After registering with the online game World Gondal, players can create their own game character, with which the fantasy world of Gondal World can be stripped. With each level up the player on The Merchant of Erlolla new and better products to purchase for his character.

Every day, new orders and a variety of tasks can be completed with a mount, so will be reduced at the same time the order duration. Easy to pull smaller city contracts to reward themselves, a country much higher order. Anyone brave enough can also take a thief job, but beware, thieves can steal all the booty. Only with a strong mount, chances are pretty good for those contracts.

In the fantasy role-playing the hero travels from city to city, and experienced incredible new adventure. Your hero can also connect a guild to go along with the allies on adventurous trips. During this time of the trips, however, no contracts and fight requests will be accepted. However, one can keep traveling to new products out for or be combative skill in medieval games in the arena to the test.

In the arena battle-hardened opponents are waiting for your hero, a battle is at hand to hand, and the winner receives gold and honor points, a seasoned warrior with many victories gets the king offered a fight against the Horde. Defeat your hero these horde, he receives a reward for access to new sections of land. So it is worth exercising again and again during fighting and practicing to finally go to the winner of a fight out.

Gondal World can be played as a sequel of the online role-playing Gondal. From an online browser games Gondal, students can be sent to the new kingdom, accumulated honor points in World Gondal Gondal can in the browser game than ten percent of the points are credited.

After an expedition trip has reached the coast of an unexplored continent, identify the expedition members that this area is populated only very sparsely, while rich in natural resources, is the king of Gondal sends why this knight game, the students of his best warriors in the new country, to the Empire in the New World to expand and conquer new land.

If you already have an account in the Middle Ages, online game, can also send a student from there into the new World Gondal, but only if the account is in the old game of five-level addition. Gondal World is an independent online games, which can register for any interested players.

Online browser games like World Gondal Gondal or enjoying increasing popularity, many players take the opportunity to play online, without great installations. For medieval games such as World Gondal only require a registration, and already, players rush into new adventures.