Die Königreiche Strategy Browsergame

Are you ready for the ultimate strategy role-playing game that catapults you into another world? Are you prepared for the best of all medieval games and online games and browser games? Did you ever play the medieval online?

Then you’re ready for the middle age browser game! The name of this online games and browser game is Kings Tale. Your main task in Kings Tale is to build your own village in order to take over the castle and climb your county. From the first stage as the Count, you can work your way up to the duke to the king. But as usual with medieval browser game, it runs not always peaceful.

You can either connect up to the king or wage war against him. Your units will be subordinate to a General, so you so can increase your fighting power. However, to recruit fighters can at all, you have to take care early enough armor and weapons to buy. Then, you want to make such bellicose this browser game, you can at the very beginning of the game influence by you decide whether you want your character is a warrior, a diplomat or a dealer.

So this online game for players is interesting, are not out to wage war, because the traders and diplomats have the chance to come in the rankings to the top. Other important information such as the alliances. There are, for one hand, the alliance chief, responsible for general, then there is the master builder, built the building and managed alliances, on the other hand it is the herald and the Marshall. The Herald can declare war during the Marshall then head of the troops.

It expects up so pure excitement and strategy. Dive into the fascinating world of knights, kings and battles bleed. The middle age browser game is suitable for all ages. Everyone will find something that makes him fun. The online play, it is possible to interact with many other players in this browser game and compare. Only then will you succeed to ascend to the king. Because without a strong force in the back of each would be lost. Occurs in alliances and communicating with other players around the world.

Be there when something big is moved from this strategy and role-play an entire village and a king arises that you yourself can be. Kings Tale is not just a medieval game – it’s your village that you build it from the start and, truly, and maintain. You are solely responsible for the fate of an entire village and cashed in profits more than just fame. Try it for yourself and let yourself be fascinated by a different world, in the battles of honor was. Meanwhile, there are even several extensions that continue the story.

In addition, new worlds have been created, so now you can play in a world of snow. You should, however, underestimate the risk, because the snow will affect the entire game, if you do not pay attention. There are many medieval games, but this game is by far the best. It is just waiting to be tried.