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Slot machines are the basic element of every casino. It does not matter if you enter a casino in the USA, Europe or Asia, you will always find slot machines there. The player is able to start the game by inserting one or more coins and simply pressing a button or pulling a lever.

Basically they can be divided in two mayor groups: 3-reel and 5-reel. While 3-reel slots contain 3 columns with 3 panels each, the 5-reel slot machine counts 5 times 3 panels. Furthermore these two slot machine types have their own sort of games. 3-reel slots are usually quite simple. Every time three panels in one line show the same symbol, the player wins. In most cases these symbols are fruits, bells, stars or jokers. Most of the 3-reel slots pay prizes in a 1-to-8 ratio, which means that a 1-coin-bet pays 8 coins for every winning line. 5-reel slot machines offer far more variety than 3-reel slots. First of all there are more types of games. The most common type works like the 3-reel slot games, which were mentioned above.

Since there is a difference in the number of columns next to each other, there is also a different way of winning bets. Prizes are paid starting from three equal symbols in a row up to five symbols in one line. The more symbols the higher the prize. Besides this classic type there is huge variety of different game types. Some slots contain joker symbols with positive effects in any kind of way. A lot of 5-reel slots offer bonus games in one form or another. In common 5-reel slots three to five independent symbols trigger bonus games. Those are usually called „scatter“-symbols because they are scattered through all columns.

Bonus games itself are the significant element of each 5-reel slot game type. Their variety is almost endless. Prizes are multiplied or symbols are replaced with jokers for example. The number of triggered bonus games depends on the game type. Generally slot machines are very popular because they are easy to handle and they offer a huge variety of games.