Source by the Hercules Series

Always been the people of heroes, gods and demigods were interested. A particularly enigmatic figure among them was Hercules, the son of Zeus and the princess Alcmene. He was a great warrior with immense powers and abilities, who campaigned but also with wisdom, goodness and wisdom for the good. Of course, such a material for the film and television industry is interesting, and so Sam Raimi and Robert Tapert took over as producers from the subject and created the television series Hercules.

In this series with Kevin Sorbo as the main character, inspired by the original myths, but rather freely deal with them, Hercules has to coexist with some companions countless adventures. In this he is always on the side of good and fights for the weak and persecuted. The series, which was produced from 1995 and 1999 in six seasons in New Zealand, also contains some trashy and ridiculous elements and the audience was very good.

During his adventure Hercules takes on Xena, represented by Lucy Lawless, a bloodthirsty warrior princess. Xena was once assaulted in her home village, and her brother was killed in the raid. In revenge, she becomes a ruthless warrior who takes cruel murdering and killing to their hosts across the country, until she meets Hercules. It is located in a hopeless situation from which she is saved only with the help of Hercules‘.

His wisdom, wisdom and strength to impress her and raise doubts about their current path in it. He manages by example, to convert them, they will fight that too, from now on for good. They fall in love and are even a couple for some time before they part ways again. In some episodes of Xena Hercules series occurs as a guest star.

In several television series, a minor character has proved so attractive and promising that the broadcasters have decided to dedicate their own series. Captain Jack from Doctor Who and Torchwood got his series, Inspector Morse’s assistant Lewis of the same series. This potential to be a supporting character was seen very quickly in the figure of Xena, and consequently it became the main character of their own series.

This was started shortly after her appearance in the Hercules series, and ran parallel to a total of even a little longer. It was produced from 1995 to 2001 in 6 seasons also in New Zealand. The idea came from the producers of Hercules, Sam Raimi and Robert Tapert, the series may be on the same universe of moving and the style of Hercules retained. They could build on the success of the original series Hercules seamlessly, with both Xena has a large following.