Background information of the series Xena

The series Xena plays in the age of mythologies and is part of the fantasy genre. Throughout the series to connect known values from Greek mythology and historical figures. The series was produced in New Zealand until 1995 2,001th

The young Xena lives with her younger brother in the village of Amphipolis. One day is a cruel army, called Cortese Xena’s home village and murdered her brother. This day changed the young warrior Xena and transformed into a thoughtful and relentless campaigner for revenge. Together with a marauding army of Xena takes a cruel revenge. Through the encounter with Hercules Xena is purified and begins to rethink their actions. One day, crossing the path of Xena with a bard named Gabrielle. The bard, it creates through her purity and love of life to convince the good Xena. Gabrielle is Xena for a loyal friend and family to spare. In the course of their journey together will Xena and Gabrielle into real friends.

The unique capabilities of Xena and her extraordinary fighting art, it succeeds all the armies of evil and defeat even gods. Despite their good deeds Xena is caught again by her dark past and quick temper. Her former mentor, the war god Ares leaves no stone unturned to bring Xena back on the wrong path and it again to make it a fierce warrior of evil. With the firm determination to do the right thing, Xena and Gabrielle encounter during their adventures on various hazards and emerging gods and demigods.